• AT: fuck
  • : i should have made her some brittles
  • J: hahaha
  • : oooh
  • : your peanut brittle is poppin
  • AT : yeah, but she's old
  • : she probably makes brittle eyes closed
  • J: lol
  • : is that a popular thing to make?
  • AT: it sounds old though, right?
  • J: lol
  • : just b/c
  • : brittle bones


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Is It Good?

I realize society says there are no “stupid” questions (society is wrong and I have contributed a good chunk to that pot of idiocy), and society might be right (it’s not), but there are indeed annoying questions like asking “is the restaurant any good?” to the person who suggested the restaurant.

Honestly, when is anyone going to answer that question with “no. I want to take you to this all right, borderline meh restaurant because I want to hear you complain about it being all right, borderline meh for the next 1-3 hours of my life?”